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SSDs and all flash arrays are the antidotes for countering low performance and speed in storage environments. Enterprise aiming at scalability and High Performance Computing environments need to identify and remove I/O bottlenecks. Apart from performance, efficiency and integration are also critical success factors in all sorts of environments.

It is vital to select a partner possessing tools, skills and knowledge to completely examine and optimize your entire I/O path that delivers high performance, endurance, and reliability. Calsoft capacities and assures success to its clients in the following:

  • Firmware – optimizing wear levelling and write performance
  • Caching – SSD PCIe device driver and caching
  • Storage management – Volume manager, block driver, IO driver
  • Performance – Compression, block level de-duplication
  • Data security – fault tolerance using NVRAM, software RAID, mirroring and snapshots
  • Array management – Management console and REST API accessibility, integration enablement for third-party north-bound API
  • Vendor integration – VMware (SAN-VAAI, NAS-VAAI, VASA, vCenter plugins), Microsoft (NFS/CIFS, VSS, SMI-S)

**Storage IPs – ready-to-use protocol compliance test suites (iSCSI, SMB 2.x 3.x ) for new vendors

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