Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Networking services are expected to be deployed at an accelerated pace and so a global adoption of a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) framework within data centres is being witnesses. NFV replaces the use of network hardware with software called Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) on top of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware, result in lowering CAPEX and OPEX. It also enables chaining of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) to form a service, giving freedom to select software vendors providing specific services in the form of VNFs instead of opting for monolithic solutions. Moreover, NFV enables data center or telecom network the ability to scale horizontally and vertically based on spikes in demand.

Technology vendors can leverage Calsoft’s NFV engineering and service offerings to provide validated and benchmarked solutions comprising of hardware and third-party NFV software.

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  1. NFV Infrastructure

    • End-to-end deployment automation of NFV Infrastructure
    • OpenStack platforms of commercial and community flavours
    • Optimizations for DPDK & SR-IOV for data path acceleration
    • Certifications
  2. NFV Quality Assurance

    • End-to-end functional and coverage testing from deployment to orchestration
    • Performance and benchmark testing on different hardware and virtualization platforms
    • Complexity spectrum of single user/operator to multi-tenant users
    • Third-party independent solution validation for commercial VNFs
  3. NFV Solution Validation

    • Deploy commercial test tools to simulate control and dataplane traffic for NFV solution validation and testing
    • Generate required reports and metrics for the NFV ecosystem and VNF solutions deployed; e.g. Mean Opinion Scores for VoLTE traffic, session establishment rates, transaction per seconds
    • Health reports related to NFV infrastructure comprising of faults and events, failures, utilization parameters for compute, storage and network
  4. VNF Engineering

    Development & Deployment: Calsoft helps customers with the design, development, and deployment of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs): Based on Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) & Including L3 Routing to DHCP, NAT, WAN Optimization, uCPE including IPSec VPN, UPnP, etc.
    Calsoft also has expertise in containerization of VNFs.VNF Testing:

    • Test VNF software lifecycle (software deployment, upgrade and end of life), monitoring, horizontal and vertical scaling, migration and auto-healing
    • Test VNFs in service chained environments for end result verification
    • Validate VNF forwarding graphs

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