Containers Engineering

Containers are primary enablers for enterprises embracing continuous delivery to simplify existing infrastructure. It allows enterprises to release software at a faster pace.

Calsoft, with its container engineering capabilities, enables product companies to develop solutions that extend customers’ legacy datacenters into new container ecosystems while empowering them with the necessary tools to manage the platform. Calsoft services cover the following aspects:

container engineering, containers, data center, Kubernetes, application modernization, Container orchestration,

1.   Plug-in Development

  • Docker Network (CNM/CNI-based)/Volume (Flocker)/Security (Contiv)/Authorization plug-ins
  • Kubernetes Network (CNI) plug-ins such as Calico
  • Kubernetes scheduler extensions
  • Flocker integration for storage arrays
  • Working with Windows containers

2.   Application Modernization

  • SaaS-ification of applications by deploying them to cloud platforms
  • Conversion of monolithic applications to microservices-based architecture
  • Application rearchitecting, containerization of services to follow a modern cloud-native approach
  • Application deployment, CI-CD pipelines, monitoring, intelligent analytics

3.   Orchestration

  • Management and orchestration for Docker (Coopto for VMware)
  • Distributed/HA deployments of applications on Kubernetes across multiple zones using wrappers above Kubernetes
  • Containerization of services (storage container)
  • Service chaining using containerization of services

4.   Monitoring

  • Multi-layer monitoring of containerized deployment and analytics on top of it
  • Packet-based monitoring of container networks
  • Single-pane resource/service monitoring

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