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OpenStack Compute (Nova) is a cloud computing fabric controller (the main part of an IaaS system). Nova’s architecture is designed to scale horizontally. It is designed to manage pools of compute resources, like bare-metals, high-performance computing (HPC) configurations and most importantly virtual machines (VM) running on various hypervisors. Supported hypervisors are KVM, XenServer, Hyper-V, Linux container (LXC), etc. Today, OpenStack does not have an intelligent load balancer for VMs. So putting an Intelligent Load Balancer for compute resources is crucial to manage resources and avoid distributed system failures.

Calsoft’s Expertise

Calsoft with its OpenStack expertise can create a framework that will enable effective usage of ‘Nova’ compute resources. It will use monitoring capabilities on computer resources (Host) and perform live migration between hosts, as required.The framework will utilize the supported APIs provided by underlying virtualization platforms.If the resources with options to enable/disable compute on demand are required for following, then the load balancer will also enable more green resources:
  • Provisioning
  • Live-migration
  • Auto-scaling (provided the resources support the remote management capabilities)

This framework can also be extended to include:

  • Automated and seamless cross-platform migration using OVF (Open Virtualization Format) without the user intervention. E.g. migration between Open stack implementations hosted by VMware, Citrix, KVM, Hyper-V etc. can be supported.
  • HA (High Availability)
  • FT (Fault Tolerance)

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