The landscape for Quality Engineering is changing very rapidly. Organizations are required to reinvent the ways to test and validate software. With the advent of DevOps and Continuous Delivery, a need for Continuous Testing has emerged. QA teams are now required to employ new tools and techniques to ensure the product quality and its release readiness to the production.

Calsoft with its 20+ years of industry experience is, therefore, your partner of choice when it comes to assessing your product’s quality. Calsoft’s vast experience with Storage, Virtualization, Networking and Cloud functions clubbed with its superior Quality Engineering team help you in rapid product delivery with an assurance that quality is reviewed time-to-time during the entire product development cycle.

We call our QA Engineers as Quality Advocates and our quality engineering services as TestOps!

Our Expertise as below

  • End-to-End Quality Assessment of the product: With our deep domain expertise, we endure every single technical detail is captured while testing your product and our proven reporting solutions make sure you get all the required details in making important decisions related to your product development and release.
  • Continuous Testing Services: With the advent of DevOps practices, its has become essential for QA teams to “Shift-left” and get involved right from the beginning. Calsoft’s quality advocates are experts in Test Automation, which is an important ingredient when it comes to testing in continuous delivery pipeline. We have developed countless frameworks with various approaches including TDD/BDD, Agile, Traditional etc. As important as it is to start early, equally essential is to “Shift-right” and work on feedback received from the production and ensure any gaps in tests are filled.
  • Field Testing: Choose Calsoft as your Beta Testing partner. Our experts help validate your product from a customer point of view and provide detailed feedback on the various aspects of it. So you get timely feedback even before going live into the production.


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