Network Security

In today’s digital world, any business network is the nerve center of various remote terminals and data center servers on which critical data is accessed and shared. Such networks are vulnerable to breaches if they are not secured properly. The attack surface expands even more when the number of digital devices connected to a network increases, pushing security operations centers (SOCs) in enterprises to ensure confidentiality, availability, and integrity of networks.

Leading vendors offer diverse sets of network security solutions to tackle network pitfalls. But these solutions need continuous enhancements to deal with new attack vectors.

Calsoft assists ISVs in injecting security at each stage of the product engineering life cycle and infrastructure layers (from firmware to software).

Our expertise encompasses:

  • QA and Test Automation
  • Development of Product Components, Modules, Gateways & Automation Frameworks
  • Development of Malicious Traffic Generator for Customized Validation
  • VMware NSX Integration with Other Platforms

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