Container Security

Application containers are widely adopted by technology-centric companies in their journey of digital transformation to achieve agility in rolling out new services to end customers. Further, containerization enables applications to host microservices which collectively build a live service that can be updated in runtime. But the adoption of containers is plagued by security issues starting from its hosting kernel to the way it is configured within container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.

With more containers, the attack surface has been widened to external attackers that target various containers and orchestration platforms. To tackle with external threats, a containerized environment needs to be monitored continuously.

Calsoft offers a 360-degree expertise to safeguard your containerized environment and the communication between containers and the orchestration platform.

Core Offerings

  1. Service Mesh Implementation
  2. Kubernetes Hardening
    1. Kubernetes CIS Benchmarking for Cluster Security
    2. Pod Security Policies Implementation
    3. Node Security
    4. Best Practices
  3. Container Registry Security
  4. Container Runtime Protection
  5. Container Code Security
  6. Plug-in Development for Container Products
  7. QA for Container Products

Generic Offerings

  1. VAPT for Container Applications and Images
  2. Kernel Hardening
  3. CI/CD Security Hardening

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