Cloud has emerged as new application paradigm. It has changed the contours of IT infrastructure. It has opened new horizons. But at the same time, it has added new complexities. To leverage the benefits of Cloud, we have to change the way we use to design and develop applications. There are challenges in development of a Cloud application. Through this podcast we will discuss those challenges.

Key points which we have covered in this podcast are:

  • What are Cloud Applications, How they are different from traditional applications
  • What are the challenges in Cloud application development
  • How to design and implement a Cloud Application
  • What are Cloud Design Patterns and how they are useful in resolving issues
  • How to select Cloud infrastructure components for any application
  • What is this Multi Cloud approach

About Speaker

Rajesh Kaushal Upadhyay, Senior Technical Lead

Rajesh is an AWS certified Solution Architect. He has 15 years of industry experience in developing enterprise applications. Currently he is working as Senior Technical Lead at Calsoft and is contributing to the Cloud Practices at Calsoft.


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