Change Block Tracking (CBT) is a great feature that really improves the efficiency and speed of virtual machines’ backup, restore and replication operations in vSphere. It is advantageous since it greatly improves incremental backup times and reduces the load on production systems during backup. Calsoft is coming up with a webinar on Logistics of Change Block Tracking (CBT).

Key Takeaways

  • Biggest problem that CBT solves
  • Flow of backup when CBT is in play
  • Components that encompass CBT
  • Important things to keep in mind while designing CBT
  • Scenarios that come into play with CBT

About Speaker

Imran Khan – Architect for Storage Solutions

Imran Khan is a an Architect for Storage Solutions at Calsoft. He works extensively on Change Blocking Projects at Calsoft and he spearheads a team that works on file systems and storage solutions.

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