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April, 2016

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Industry News

  • Charting a course for the hyper-converged market
  • What are some network recovery best practices?
  • How do OpenStack and CloudStack stack up against each other?

Featured Success Stories

VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance

Calsoft was engaged with the client for VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance.

RAID zero copy

Calsoft was engaged with the client to maximize I/O performance from Lustre file system. The engagement underpinned creation of Lustre client and server deps for Ubuntu OS, corresponding Lustre client and server rpms for CentOS.

Featured Podcast

Health of the System – QA Matrices
Calsoft’s latest podcast talks about the finer nuances of the Agile way of software development testing and the matrices that can be derived from it.
Key Takeaways:

  • The ideal team size for an Agile model
  • Stand-up meetings
  • What is a burn down chart
  • What is sprint velocity
  • How does defect trend help decision makers

About Calsoft

Calsoft is a leading software product engineering services company specializing in Storage, Networking, Virtualization and Cloud business verticals. Calsoft provides End-to-End Product Development, Quality Assurance Sustenance, Solution Engineering and Professional Services expertise to assist customers in achieving their product development and business goals.

Featured Solution


Calsoft’s TestXcel is a Framework as a service that enables test automation.The tool offers a framework to write, configure, manage and execute tests on a local or remote system. This test Framework is engineered to work on any OS platform.

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