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VMware Ecosystem Integration and Certification – A Spotlight Edition on vCenter and Storage Solution Certification

In last few years, VMware has rapidly moved beyond its traditional monopoly of enabling compute virtualization within/outside data center, towards public cloud. Recently, IDC stated that VMware has taken a clear lead in the hyper-converged market. Now, VMware is upgrading and introducing new additions of product/solutions for tapping into cutting edge IT infrastructure and Telco market to boost digital transformation for global enterprises.

The evolvement of VMware solutions is pushing ISVs and enterprise to get their offerings integrated with VMware data center solutions and certify their proposed solutions for being VMware ready. In this eBook, we will discuss about how we can integrate VMware vCenter and certification for storage products, along with benefits and challenges. The detailed list of topics is:

  • Understanding VMware Product Portfolio
  • Certification
  • Plugin Development for vCenter
  • Test Automation of vCenter Plugin
  • Quality Assurance of vCenter plugin