Kubernetes Security: A Primer Guide

Kubernetes adoption has seen a remarkable rise in the last couple of years. According to a CNCF survey conducted in 2019, 78% of respondents were using Kubernetes in production, a jump from 58% in 2018. But the security concerns raised in 2019 were alarming for those who have Kubernetes in production or are enroute to deployment in data center. While these concerns are being noticed and addressed by the Kubernetes community, various platforms are being introduced and best practices are being devised to make the Kubernetes clusters secure.

This eBrief is created to guide the technical leaders in an organization about the key developments in the Kubernetes security landscape. We have attempted to cover the following topics in this eBrief.

  • Kubernetes growth
  • What triggered the focus on K8S security?
  • Reports about Kubernetes security
  • How Kubernetes security is compromised?
  • How can you ensure security within the Kubernetes architecture?
  • Best practices
  • Open-source tools
  • Market players

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