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Getting Started with Kubernetes Storage for Stateful and Stateless Workloads

Kubernetes has gained a lot of popularity in recent time due to its phenomenal application in orchestrating containers. Storage plays one of crucial part in overall Kubernetes architecture. However in storage, running stateful services is challenging within the containers because of its ephemeral nature. In order to address this challenge, Kubernetes uses volume plug-in which are of two types- in-tree and out-of-tree.

In this e-book we will explore the above mentioned and alternative methodologies used by Kubernetes. We have reviewed Kubernetes for data storage and as an enabler for maximising the efficiency of management and deployment of the containers, specifically in the light of stateful services. The detailed list of the topics are as follow:

  • Kubernetes volume Vs Persistent volume
  • Kubernetes volume plugins
  • Dynamic volume provisioning
  • Out tree volume plugins
  • Rook and Ceph to Enable Block/File/Object Storage Support
  • Project and products related to Kubernetes storage