Endpoint Security Automation & Covid-19 Pandemic

In past five years, enterprises are increasingly focusing a large part of their security budgets on protecting endpoint devices that are a part of their network, generating and sending data to servers and databases. This is due to the increase in the number of attacks originating at those end user devices. A study conducted by IDC highlighted that 70% breaches originated at the endpoints and as per Absolute research report published in 2019, 42% of all endpoints are unprotected at any given time”

This security concern reached its tipping point in the current pandemic situation, which pushed organizations to implement mandatory ‘Work from Home’ policies for their employees. This change will call for an increased number of endpoints to be a part of the business network and can prove to be a security nightmare for business-critical data.

In this eBrief, we will talk about the basic landscape of endpoint security, the need for automation, and how it can help in dealing with disruptive situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

We cover:

  1. What is endpoint security, and its components and entry points?
  2. How is endpoint security implemented?
  3. Types of endpoint security solutions
  4. Features of endpoint security solutions
  5. Need for automation
  6. The COVID-19 effect on endpoints in business operations

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