Fortify Your Enterprise Security Stance with Calsoft

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Deliver a powerful security solution with a customized platform built using cutting-edge tools and functionalities
Quality assurance checks for security applications, products, and data center resources to reduce failure risks
Integration of various software and network ecosystems to ensure security in IT infrastructure
Introduce security tools and best practices in CI/CD pipelines and workflows, from development to operations


Our security solutions are deeply focused on preventive, corrective, and targeted support for these verticals.
Protect your enterprise network and the systems connected to it from unauthorized access, misuse, or modification
Safeguard your containerized environment and the communication between containers and orchestration platform
Endpoint Security
Protect your people, processes, technology, and data with encryption, secure key management, and device security
Code Security
Implement security practices seamlesssly during application development to improve the defenses of your existing solutions
Data Protection and Privacy
Protect your valuable data assets from unauthorized use and define who gets authorized access to them.
ServiceNow Security Integration
Identify, analyze, and resolve potential security issues by integrating your security products with ServiceNow

Our Circle of Protection For Your Data

Calsoft Data Security Services provide 360-degree protection to enterprises throughout their data lifecycle. Watch this video to delve deeper into our offerings.

Our Case Studies


Kubernetes Security: A Primer Guide

This eBrief is created to guide the technical leaders in an organization about the key developments in the Kubernetes security landscape.


AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning: What’s Same, What’s Different?


AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning: What’s Same, What’s Different?

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