NFV & Zero Touch World Congress 2018 – Moving Towards "Zero Touch" Network Operations

NFV implementations are under production, but zero touch/automated lifecycle management of VNFs, overall operation, management of distributed NFV infrastructure is yet to realize 5G dream with NFV applications. NFV & Zero Touch World Congress is an important event focused towards NFV and network services automation in network infrastructure. Leaders from enterprise, communication & network service providers, cloud provider come together to share their learning and innovations. This year the event will be held from April 24 - 26, 2018 in San Jose, USA.

Calsoft is a leading product engineering services provider, having expertise in data centre networking technologies and current revolutionary networking innovations like SDNSD-WAN & NFV. We are helping ISVs to develop & test plugins for integrating applications in virtualization and storage ecosystem.

Some of our key success stories are:

Let’s meet at NFV & Zero Touch World Congress 2018 to discuss the future of networking in 5G roadmap and revolutionizing overall networking infrastructure at enterprise level.

Let's Meet at NFV & Zero Touch World Congress 2018


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