Let's Meet At IoT Evolution Expo 2019

IoT is becoming increasingly visible and is growing at a phenomenal pace. It has made the shift from being a buzzword to an all-inclusive harmony between man, machine, software and data. Calsoft is a leading product engineering services partner in storage, networking, cloud, virtualization domains; and disruptive technologies like big data, IoT, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Calsoft specializes in building software for gateways, designing IoT applications from scratch as well as implementing IoT functionality into existing systems. Our IoT services enable customers to connect their devices to the internet, turning them into smart devices. Calsoft works with product and platform providers to augment their products in the machine-to-machine ecosystem while delivering a smart, safe and connected experience for enterprises.

What interests you most about IoT Evolution Expo?

IoT Evolution Expo is of special interest to our team to validate and expedite the work we’ve been doing in IoT. Some specific sessions that we very much are looking forward to are:

  • How Enterprise-Grade IoT Can Improve Deployment Success Rates
  • The Future of Tech - Machine Learning to Change the World
  • Putting Intelligence at the Edge
  • IoT – What's Next for Enterprises?
  • Shared Spaces: Redefining How Work Happens
  • SDWAN - IoT: The Session on the Session Layer
  • What's Next for Industrial 4.0
  • IoT Security General Session - Security Hype, Hysteria & Hope
  • 5G General Session - Keeping Connected: From 5G to Zigbee

Consult your IoT architecture and security needs with us

We can discuss your IoT journey, support innovation, and accelerate your digital transformation. Meet the Calsoft IoT Centre of Excellence (CoE) architects alongside IoT experts who will be at the event. If you would like to jump forward your business with IoT transformation, drop a note to and we would be glad to consult.

Let's Meet at IoT Evolution Expo 2019


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