Flash Memory Summit 2019

Aug 6 – Aug 8, 2019 – Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, California

The Flash Memory Summit (FMS) is an annual summit held since 2006, where companies and researchers from data-center fraternity come together to discuss the latest innovations and products in solid-state storage, non-volatile memory, and related areas. The summit is attended each year by thousands of people from both within and outside the storage industry, for presenting and exhibiting on new industrial and academic innovations.

This year’s summit is themed around the latest innovations in Storage, Cloud, ML/AI and aligned areas. Calsoft with 20+ years of expertise in Datacenter and disruptive domains will be at the event to tap into new sea of opportunities. With two of the renowned industry veterans, Vikrant Gogri and Jayadeep Vijayan, Calsoft will be dwelling deep into amalgamation of Storage and AI/ML, the areas also of prime focus for the company.

Meet us over a coffee or lunch to get a sneak peak of work we are doing in SSD/Flash, NVMe and AI/ML areas.

Write to us at marcom@calsoftinc.com to book the meeting.

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