Telco Cloud

Pioneering Digital Transformation for Telcos, CSPs, and MSPs
Working extensively with Service Providers in Helping them Create Market-ready Rich Offerings that are Geared up to Render Value

Service providers, mainly telecom network providers have started the journey to 5G, which promises to serve subscribers with new age dynamic services, low latency and high bandwidth networks. Existing networks will go through a major transition from hardware-centric to be driven by software-enabled technologies like NFV and SDN. We at Calsoft have niche expertise in every aspect where service providers will need their networks to be digitally transformed.

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We provide development, platform testing and validation; services to enterprises and service providers. Adding to this, we are experts in deployment and implementation of new orchestration mechanisms and architecture to enable end-to-end highly programmable and agile network. Our expertise as below


Experts in NFV Testing, NFV Solution Validation, Containerization of VNFs, VNF development, MANO platforms like ONAP, cloudify


Calsoft’s product engineering services help software-defined networking vendors for product engineering at application, controller, switch layers


Helps services providers for implementation of edge architecture with the help of open frameworks like Akraino, EdgeXFoundtry, Zadeda, StarlingX

Telco Cloud

Help clients for infrastructure deployment automation using commercial platforms like RHOSP, VMware vCloud, VMware VIO.

Focus Areas

Transforming the technology curve with network automation, scalability, and reliability
Building, managing and securing your technology landscape while fostering enhanced services capabilities

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