IoT at any given point in time produces unprecedented volume, velocity and variety of data used to generate insights for organizations to comprehend better the status of systems while carrying out real time monitoring, threat detection and hunt down malicious activities. Calsoft being a pioneer in data storage and management also provides cutting edge solutions for IoT data management. Our service portfolio entails:

  • Security – End point security, Network Security
  • Analytics – Data visualisation –  ML based analytics and dashboard development
  • Cloud connectivity – leveraging cloud native compute – Serverless and Docker containerization
  • Edge computing

Our IoT services also enable customers devices to connect with the internet, turning them into smart devices. We specialize in designing IoT applications from scratch as well as implementing IoT functionalities into existing systems.

Our deep understanding of cloud and IoT ecosystems has enabled us to design, develop and operate IoT systems across the IoT value chain. We help enterprises and technology companies in IoT product, platform, and solutions development.

The IoT Business Case

  • Improved process efficiency and productivity – Connected devices and real-time visibility
  • Faster time-to-market – Faster innovation, product development, quality control, and customer analysis
  • Business model innovation – Get real-time understanding of market needs, demands, and changing conditions
  • Cost savings – Improved utilization of resources, lesser wastage, and optimized productivity
  • Optimized sales and marketing – In-depth customer understanding, targeted marketing
  • Competitive business advantage – Faster innovation, rapid development
  • Enhanced understanding of customer behaviour – Real-time data analysis on customer preferences and behaviour
  • Improved customer experience – Across every touchpoint

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