Calsoft’s Consulting services include a wide range of services that swiftly puts your business at par with the transformed faction.

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Datacenter operation

Our knowledge, tools and practices make it only easy for us to advice and assist you in choosing and implementing the best of investments and procedures to attain excellent business outputs. Our datacenter advisory consists of the following:

  • Overall Assessment
  • Disaster recovery assessment
  • Provisioning and risk assessment
  • Datacenter refurbishment
  • Storage and compute planning and design
  • Implementation and operational roadmap
  • Data protection and security strategies
  • Compliance and governance advisory

DevOps and Cloud Ops

Organizations can achieve faster time to market, efficient operations and reduced cost with Calsoft’s DevOps and CloudOps consulting services. With our profound knowledge of DevOps, you can now attain continuous integration and delivery (CI-CD) within a jiffy.

Our typical consulting services entails:

  • Current state/Readiness/maturity assessment
  • Gap Analysis/ Actuals vs Standards
  • Delivering reports and insights
  • Implementation roadmap

5G edge 

Service providers, mainly telecom network providers have started the journey to 5G, which promises to serve subscribers with
new age dynamic services, low latency, and high bandwidth networks. Existing networks will go through a major transition from
hardware-centric to be driven by software-enabled technologies like NFV and SDN. We at Calsoft have niche expertise in
every aspect where service providers will need their networks to be digitally transformed.

As a part of consulting, Calsoft provides the following services for 5g and edge computing:

  • NFV and VNFs Testing , Containerization, EPC, IMS
  • SDN, Services around ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform)
  • Performance benchmarking of VIM and VNFs components in NFV environments using OPNFV tools
  • Telco Cloud, Infrastructure deployment automation using, Openstack, VMware VIO and RHOSP

Our Case Studies

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