Cloud Native

An enterprise has a plethora of in-house and third-party applications which usually run on-premise. Cloud-native is a way of approaching the development and deployment of applications in a manner that replicates the characteristics and nature of the cloud. This results in processes and workflows to take complete advantage of the platform.

Cloud Native technologies are used to develop applications packaged in containers that are deployed as microservices and managed flexible infrastructure through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows.

Calsoft builds a cloud-native application which provides:

  1. Compute – VM, Containers, Serverless on cloud
  2. Storage – Database, block storage, Backup and restore Disaster recovery
  3. Connectivity – Spread across global regions, and accessible from anywhere with better throughput
  4. New age app features like message brokers, secret stores, API gateways, advanced authentication and identification, newer algorithms and platforms of ML, AI

Cloud Native Applications entail

  • AWS, Azure Services
    • LAMBDA, SNS, SMS, RDS Etc.
    • Analytics, AI, IoT, etc.
  • Cloud Agnostic
  • Cloud Platform Based
    • SalesForce, ServiceNow, Drupal, etc.

Enterprises can leverage cloud-native architectures to shape their futures while staying relevant in a quickly changing industry and meeting customers’ increasing expectations.

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