With the aim to make their business highly software-driven, enterprises are gradually adopting cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. IoT is transforming the business landscape, generating new sources of revenue, facilitating smarter communication with customers, and leading to higher efficiencies. Calsoft’s deep understanding of cloud and IoT ecosystems has enabled it to work with customers in designing, developing, and operating such systems.

Calsoft specializes in building software for gateways, designing IoT applications from scratch as well as implementing IoT functionality into existing systems. Our IoT services enable customers to connect their devices to the internet, turning them into smart devices. Calsoft works with product and platform providers to augment their products in the machine-to-machine ecosystem while delivering a smart, safe and connected experience for enterprises.

Calsoft’s IoT Offerings

  • Building various gateways ranging from Dell Edge Gateways to RaspberryPI
  • Integrating IoT data aggregaters like VMware Liota platform to custom building edge analytics pipelines.
  • Integrating various IoT communication protocols like XMPP/MQTT
  • Integrating devices with the edge platforms
  • Design and develop IoT dashboards
  • Developing custom application front ends (UI/UX) using modern web technologies like AngularJS and D3 libraries etc.
  • Integrating with various commercial or opensource dashboards like Graphite, Graffana
Internet of Things (IoT) 2018 – Market Statistics, Use Cases and Trends
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