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The automotive industry is being massively disrupted by IoT. Auto giants like Tesla, Audi, BMW, Toyota, and Ford are creating a future of Autonomous vehicles and IoT is making it all possible. Innovative applications leveraging interconnections between a plethora of devices generate streams of data. Analytics-driven technologies like AI and ML derive real-time insights from that data to create a safe, secure, and pleasurable driving experience.

We develop the IoT platforms, products, and applications that create the connected ecosystem the sector depends on.


Connected Cars |Self-Driving Vehicles| Preventive/Predictive Maintenance| Safety and Security |Real-time monitoring | In-vehicle infotainment

The Benefits of IoT in Automotive

  • Vehicle tracking – Leveraging the networks of sensors and technologies like 5G
  • Predictive Maintenance – Vehicle telemetry and analytics
  • Driver-risk assessment through telematics – For driver performance and behavior analysis
  • Intelligent driving experience – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Personalized infotainment – Enhanced user experience
  • Product design and innovation – Faster time to market while predicting market movements and customer needs
  • Greater safety and security – Real-time vehicle health monitoring, Fault detection, Smart alerts and notifications
  • Rational Insurance premiums – Based on usage and driving habits

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