IoT Asset Management

Industry depends on a perfectly tuned supply-chain and logistics engine and managing the fleet and various assets. IoT is bringing safety, cost-effectiveness, and fuel efficiency into Fleet Operations.

We help you develop smarter supply chain management solutions. We specialize in developing robust and scalable IoT architecture for connecting various assets including sensors, containers, equipment, vehicles, and people. With our solutions, companies can track and manage the entire logistics infrastructure effortlessly and efficiently.


Route Management |Fuel Management| Preventive Maintenance| Green Operations | Driver and Vehicle Safety |Real-time monitoring

The benefits of IoT in Fleet/Asset Management 

  • Improved fleet maintenance – Sensor-driven predictive maintenance
  • Optimized fuel costs
  • Real-time fleet visibility – Unified view of vehicles and assets over the entire chain
  • Transparent reporting – On workloads and delivery schedules
  • Better compliance – Adherence to emission and environmental regulations
  • Enhanced driver and vehicle safety – Using fatigue detection systems and wearable applications
  • Improved customer satisfaction – With more predictable and timely deliveries
  • Greater usable life-span of vehicles – predictive maintenance and repair planning


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