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Businesses often try to predict future happenings and recalibrate their strategies to stay ahead of the competition. But black swan events like the Coronavirus pandemic can leave the best of us blindsided. In these times of uncertainty, Digital Collaboration has the potential to pivot us to a new normal. Calsoft, with its established processes and deep experience, can help you adopt digital collaboration processes to ensure business continuity.
Cloud forms the backbone of any digital collaboration initiative. Calsoft can help you roll out seamless cloud operations for your product, and build resilience at every step of the process.
It may seem a knee-jerk reaction to scale up now, but the pandemic could be an opportunity to change gears. Calsoft can assist you in integrating your existing products with in-demand software such as VMware, ServiceNow, and more.
As the global lockdown makes remote working mandatory, additional devices plugging into the organization’s network can open up chinks in your armour. Protect your assets with our end-to-end security offerings.
In this disruptive period, the only reliable constant is data. Our data analytics offerings include Data Warehouse Modernization, Data Pipeline Creation, Data Lake Modernization, Stream Analytics, AIOps – Alerts Management, and more.

What’s Under the Hood?

Your digital collaboration strategy is powered by our conventional offerings, which have matured over the past two decades.
Product Engineering & QA
Our product engineering expertise enables us to provide innovation at any stage of the product lifecycle, helping you to swiftly scale up to market needs.
We work as your extended UI/UX team to help you re-imagine user experience and ensure that it aligns with the demands of the time.
IT Service Management
Quickly respond to changes with our ITSM offerings. We provide a smooth integration with ServiceNow through customized plug-in development, certifications, and more.
Our plug-and-play solutions, which include testing setup, backups, cloud offerings, and more, help accelerate your GTM time and reduce efforts.

Our Case Studies

Calsoft supports customers in meeting their goals like their own extended team!

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