Citrix Ready Certification

In today’s competitive environment with high customer expectations, storage vendors need to get their products certified for various environments. Certified products ensure compatibility across platforms, servers, storage, and key applications. Certification assures customers about product quality and ultimately helps increase opportunities for generating revenue.

Calsoft provides a gamut of solutions in the storage, virtualization, and networking domains.

With its domain expertise, Calsoft has assisted multiple customers in getting their products certified for different environments, which helps them ensure that their products are ready for the market in the most efficient way.

Citrix Ready Certification

Calsoft’s deep understanding of the Citrix ecosystem empowers enterprises with a complete and reliable storage certification solution. We assist storage ISVs in getting their storage solutions certified and verified on Citrix standards. Calsoft’s Citirix Ready certification services include compute, performance, scalability, and resilience. This helps customers attain the best-in-class compute and virtualization infrastructure.

Calsoft Offerings for Citrix Ready

Normally, there are storage solutions which are compatible with different provisioning methods and one or more storage protocols such as NFS, iSCSI, or Fiber Channel employing host bus adapter (HBA) cards. Calsoft’s certification services help customers qualify for a Citrix Ready logo that endorses their products and storage solutions in the virtualization space.

Key Benefits

Citrix Ready certification assures customers that third party products are compatible with Citrix products. It is given to those partners who successfully complete the basic verification tests.

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