Networking vendors hire Calsoft to orchestrate their cloud network infrastructure by developing specific OpenStack Neutron (Quantum) plug-ins / agents and their extensions. Calsoft has expertise in building Neutron L2 and L3 Plugins and agents. Vendors face following challenges to integrate their plug-ins with OpenStack:

  • Network traffic gap between VMs residing in different hosts
  • Mobility of VM’s between different hosts along with their network state 

Value Proposition

  • Easy diagnosis to networking issues related to tunneling protocol
  • Helps product to be certified with particular Hypervisor
  • Plug-in testing using OpenStack standard (tempest)

Calsoft’s Expertise

  • Quickly build Neutron( quantum) plugins and agents for any network vendors which has switches and routers to be integrated into the OpenStack cloud infrastructure
  • Integration test with different hypervisors platform

Openstack Neutron Plugin Implementation

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