VMware NSX is a network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). It embeds networking and security functionalities, that are typically handled by hardware directly into the hypervisor. It delivers the operational model of a virtual machine for networking and security and unlocks the ability for IT to move at the speed of business.

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Calsoft helps integrate the following product categories with NSX:

  1. Integration with Security Products (Firewall, IDS, IPS, etc.) where the security is provided by checking all/selected flows and packets, be it E-W or N-S traffic in the virtual environment.
  2. Integration with Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Products where the VMs can be scanned efficiently from outside with close-to-no changes to VMs
  3. Integration with Security Auditing Solutions for ensuring PCI, PHI, PII compliance and/or auditing security events/logs generated in the NSX environment
  4. Integration with Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) where NSX is already deployed or will be deployed in the cloud to be managed
  5. Integration with Hardware VXLAN VTEP where VTEP provides Virtual-to-Physical workload access along with hardware-based acceleration
  6. Integration with Cloud/Infrastructure/Network Monitoring Products where the monitoring solution needs to –
    1. Monitor all/selective flows and/or
    2. Rely on statistics provided by NSX and/or
    3. The threshold-based health status of VMs
  7. Integration with SD-WAN products to co-ordinate with NSX for making right policy decisions
  8. Integration with Application Delivery Controllers where ADC components (Proxy, Loadbalancer, Firewall) are deployed as per the VM-based application deployment
  9. Integration with BYOD-specific Security Products where access to VMs/applications is regulated using IP and user-level access as specified in a centralized controller by the administrator
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