Container technology is dramatically changing the way organizations develop and deliver applications, and adoption is set to increase tremendously in the coming years. Containers are a primary enabler for enterprises embracing continuous delivery, evolving from purely being a means to increase density in the existing infrastructure to helping enterprises release more software at a faster pace.

Although container adoption is skyrocketing, the foremost challenge with containers is container management, according to 53% of the participants surveyed by Cloud Foundry in a recent study. This highlights the complexity challenges that organizations struggle while managing containers at scale. The huge ecosystem that surrounds and supports containers can be formidable, and requires the right plugins, orchestration solutions, and monitoring tools to ensure successful deployments.

Calsoft with its deep expertise in containerization, helps product companies develop solutions that extend customers’ legacy datacenters into the new container ecosystem while empowering them with the necessary tools to manage the platform. With our comprehensive understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, and Coreos, we have helped multiple ISVs develop solutions in and around these technologies.


Calsoft’s Container Ecosystem Expertise

  • Docker Network (CNM-based or non-CNM-based)/Volume (Flocker, Contiv)/Authorization plugins
  • Kubernetes Network (CNI) plugins
  • Kubernetes scheduler extensions
  • Flocker integration for storage arrays
  • Deployment of container based applications
  • Containerization of applications
  • Management and orchestration for Docker (Coopto for VMware)
  • Distributed/HA deployments of applications on Kubernetes across multiple zones using wrappers above Kubernetes.
  • Containerization of services (Storage Container)
  • Service chaining using containerization of services
  • Packet based monitoring of container networks
  • Single pane resource/service monitoring
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