CloudOps Management

Businesses transition to cloud to free-up internal infrastructure and introduce new applications rapidly using ready-made cloud services. Amidst all this, it is essential to identify and define operational procedures to optimize the usage of IT services within the cloud environment. Efficient cloud operations are defined by four core components: central management, resource provisioning, policy-driven operations, and automation.

At Calsoft, we believe that CloudOps must be predictive, proactive, and easily deployable if they are to be successful. We help customers manage their cloud environments efficiently through:

  • Cloud Monitoring & Management (Design, Provisioning & Orchestration)
  • DataOps Management
  • Cloud Service Brokerage Solutions

Upon streamlining their CloudOps, some of the key advantages that we have seen our customers realize are:

  • Optimized cost and enhanced security for cloud applications and underlying workloads through policy-based governance
  • A unified view of cloud operations through app-level augmentations
  • Automated cloud and operations monitoring
  • Reduced fail-overs and easier migrations

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Read our latest articles

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