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Apart from our innovative and high-energy work environment, Calsoft offers extensive professional and personal benefits to make work meaningful to employees. A rewarding career is waiting for you at Calsoft. Take a look at our current job openings.


Why Calsoft?

Industry Leader

Calsoft is recognized as a leader in the storage, networking, virtualization, and cloud engineering space. We strive to develop a culture of innovation within Calsoft, pushing ourselves to embrace change and break with convention. We operate at the optimum mix of a start-up like thought process and the dexterity of a large enterprise.

Career Development Path

Unmatched career growth, experiences, and challenges pull some of the brightest and most brilliant minds to Calsoft. At Calsoft, every employee is a trailblazer and is offered excellent opportunities to make a significant difference in the direction of the organization. We welcome ideas from every person on the team, always recognize achievement, and celebrate success. Our people-focused mentoring programs have helped multiple employees in fulfilling their potential.

Healthy Balance

Calsoft is committed to creating healthy, happy, and fulfilling lifestyles for its employees. Calsoft has flexible working hours and employee friendly leave policies. Our wellness teams host weekly yoga and zumba sessions within office hours to ensure that the team stays active, stress-free, and refreshed. Calsoft also offers ways to connect with other employees in the organization who enjoy the same interests—hiking, sports, and more!


With headquarters in San Jose, California and two development centers in Pune, India, and recently started operations in Bangalore, Calsoft has a presence in three of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Both cities offer a high quality of living with their progressive culture, pleasant weather, and access to some of the best education, health-care, and other infrastructure facilities.

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