Calsoft’s OpenStack Contribution


Fix OOB introspection to use pxe_enabled flag inIDRAC driver

BareMetal nodes fail to pxe boot during OpenStack deployment. The reason for this failure is because we are not checking the actual pxe device interface and updating the port pxe_enabled field. This patch makes sure that every time when the port is created, it checks the BIOS and UEFI boot modes of node and fetch the pxe device interfaces values matching to nic id and then update the port’s pxe_enabled field.


DRAC: Upgraded RAID delete_config cleaning step

This upgrade Delete configuration by cleaning step by replacing delete_virtual_disk with reset_raid_config which is not only responsible for removing Virtual Disks but also removes Global and Dedicated Hot-Spares. It also removes any foreign drives.


Set boot mode in node properties during OOB Introspection

During OOB introspection, it adds boot mode as a capability in node properties so that after preparation of overcloud nodes it will show which node has UEFI or bios boot mode properties respectively.


Add iDRAC driver real-time RAID creation and deletion

It adds a capability to the idrac driver for creating and deleting RAID sets without rebooting the bare metal node.


DRAC: Adding reset_idrac and known_good_state cleaning steps

Implement reset_idrac and known_good_state cleaning steps in the iDRAC driver. reset_idrac clean steps reset iDRAC and also known_good_state performs Reset the iDRAC, Clear the job queue to get the iDRAC into a known-good state.

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