Calsoft Microsoft Software as a service Framework Library (CmsSaasLib)

With the advent of Office365, cloud-based email system has become a common trend. There are 1.2 billion consumers use variety of Office product or services everyday including over 60 million monthly active Office365 commercial users. They are adding approximately 50,000 small business customers to Office365 each month. By moving to Office365 compared with an on-premises solution brings 11.2% reduction in Microsoft licensing cost. Hence it is of paramount importance for backup companies to access and protect this data.

Advantages Office365 backup:

  • Accessible from anywhere great collaboration tool
  • Secure and private
  • Powerful business insights
  • Always up-to-date.

Calsoft offering:

Calsoft with deep understanding of Office365 has created an off-the-shelf IP – Calsoft Microsoft Software as a service Framework Library (CmsSaasLib) a solution for Exchange Online, Office365 mailbox backup. It is a pre-tested, reusable, and ready-to-integrate solution with existing backup software or to use as a Turnkey Solution.

Key Benefits of Calsoft MS SAAS Framework Library:

  • Backup vendor need not spend time in understanding Graph API details for variety of entities like mails, contacts, calendars, OneDrive, etc.
  • Reduce the effort required to handle various cases using Graph APIs like throttling, paging, batch processing, etc.
  • Extremely robust error handling, retry operations and token handling is managed by framework.
  • Stable and well tested code with minimal and fix set of APIs for variety of entities.
  • Data packaged in PST or Zip format becomes easy to manage by backup application.
  • New entity support added in Microsoft Graph APIs will not require any change in exposed interfaces.
  • Framework can also be extended as a standalone backup solution for Microsoft cloud applications
  • Supports desktop and server operating systems with x86 and x64 CPU architecture.

What is Microsoft graph APIs?

Microsoft has different APIs for various MS applications like exchange, OneDrive, Azure Active directory, etc. Having different APIs for every product is not scalable solution. This increase development and testing efforts and in turn increases time to market. To solve this problem they have introduced the Unified APIs, named Graph APIs, in its 2015 build conference. The intent is to have a unified model to query across products from single end point.

With this help of Microsoft graph API, data from multiple Microsoft cloud services, including Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online as part of Office365, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner and Microsoft Teams can be accessed from single end point.



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