Calsoft Contribution to StarlingX

Calsoft’s contribution to StarlingX is focused on significant reduction in kick-off time for users by introducing StarlingX-in-a-box VM. It also amalgamates EdgeXFoundry and Kubernetes to handle workloads.

We are proud to announce our contributions to the StarlingX, an OpenStack project, that intends to develop a cloud infrastructure software stack solution for edge infrastructure. With deterministic low latency required by edge applications and tools that make distributed edge manageable, StarlingX provides container-based infrastructure for edge implementations for production-ready scalable solutions.

We have created ready-to-use image that simulates StarlingX all-in-one simple edgex deployment. One can simply use this image to deploy the VM (containing StarlingX with Kubernetes and EdgeX). The image serves like a ‘StarlingX in a box’ in virtual machine. We have also contributed to StarlingX Guide for ‘how to get up & running with StarlingX EdgeX’ and documentation for ‘how to Create StarlingX-in-a-box Images’.

Download link for the image:

Users from China please download here:  (Extract code:645f) 

About StarlingX: The StarlingX virtualization platform focuses on easy deployment, low touch manageability, rapid response to events and fast recovery — think control at the edge, control between IoT and cloud, and control over your virtual machines. StarlingX provides a deployment-ready, scalable and highly reliable edge infrastructure software platform to build mission critical edge clouds. Tested and released as a complete stack, StarlingX ensures compatibility among diverse open source components. Its unique project components provide fault management and service management among others to ensure high availability of user applications. The StarlingX community has optimized the solution for security, ultra-low latency, extremely high service uptime, and streamlined operation.

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