Calsoft Contribution to LF Edge’s Akraino Edge Stack

Calsoft made code enhancements to Akraino Edge family through automation scripts and ready-to-use VM images. Using these images, you can try out an edge use case (IoT) in couple of hours instead of spending days and weeeks.

We are proud to announce our contributions to the Akraino Edge Stack, a Linux Foundation project initiated by AT&T and Intel, that intends to develop a fully integrated edge infrastructure solution with a focused towards Edge Computing. This open source software stack provides critical infrastructure to enable high performance, reduce latency, improve availability, lower operational overhead, provide scalability, address security needs, and improve fault management.

Enhancement to the code: Akraino Edge has created around 9 blueprints as per the functionalities they provide. Calsoft worked on the  blueprint named ‘ELIOT: Edge Lightweight and IoT Blueprint Family(
The ELIOT blueprint intends to create Edge computing setup in two ways:

  • Through Kubernetes
  • Through Kubeedge

Calsoft contributed the creation of setup using Kubernetes. Two files were added to the main branch and could be accessed here:


Details about these scripts is also added on the Eliot wiki page: (under heading: Uninstall Guide)

Provided ready-to-use images: Calsoft contributors created two images with respect to ELIOT setup using Kubernetes. These images have all the prerequisites installed to execute the scripts. Anyone can simply import this image to create a VM and run the automated script. This will save the overall setup-time. We are yet in process of getting those images verified from the Akraino Edge team. Once they approve, we shall upload these images on the suggested paths and share the links.

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