STaaS – the Lifeline for Edge

In the late 2000s, cloud computing turned the industry around and changed the nature of data storage. Soon, most of the customer-facing applications that dominated popular app stores were on the cloud, and the success and growth of businesses started being heavily dependent on speed, scalability, and agility.   

With the proliferation of the smartphone, market trends greatly changed once again; applications demanded more storage space and computing power. Businesses wanted to do more with less – lower costs and maximum use of cloud resources.   

However, conventional, onsite storage was unable to provide the same functionalities, and hoarding storage space was not an economical way of data and storage management either. Additionally, businesses had to tussle with complicated compliance and regulation guidelines such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOC-2, and more, based on the region.   

Enter STaaS.  

STaaS allows businesses to scale easily, access lightning-fast compute speed, and optimize cost.   

STaaS’ storage as a consumption model allows businesses to leverage storage capabilities as an operating expense instead of capital expenditure. This means you can pay for only as much as you use – like a utility bill.   

Your STaaS vendor is responsible for storing your data, which can be accessed on-demand through the vendor’s software. You can also purchase storage using a predictable pricing model and skip purchasing expensive data storage space years in advance.  

But, more importantly, given the number of applications that need high-speed back and forth transactions, STaaS proves to be a lifeline for edge computing.   

STaaS for edge computing  

Most applications that communicate with smart devices need to do so in split seconds; the turnaround time for these transactions is almost miraculous. For this to be a possibility, data needs to be stored closer to where it is being processed – on the edge of the network. This is where STaaS and its multi-tier storage options come into the picture. You can delve deeper into the role of STaaS for Edge with this infographic.   

Take a look at the benefits of STaaS for edge computing.  

Time and cost savings: One of the most impactful yet seemingly unimportant benefits of switching to STaaS is the SLAs. With trustworthy vendors, you’re sure to save on deployment time given the short and straightforward SLAs. You’re bound to be online in no time. Moreover, you’re also saving big bucks on capital for expensive hardware and specialized personnel.  

Fully supported, expertly managed service: Don’t sweat with the technicalities; make it someone else’s problem (solution). When you let STaaS vendors take the wheel, you lessen your burden of data and storage management significantly. All your teams need to do is sit back and relax, or rather, focus on big picture tasks like innovation. 

Improved security: With the offsite encryption and replication capabilities that you get with STaaS, you can reduce your data security risk by making it less vulnerable physically, as well as virtually. 

Unlimited scalability: As your business grows and your storage needs evolve, you can scale up and out with STaaS. Scaling out enables expanding your infrastructure with more nodes, ultimately leading to enhanced performance and thus achieving the coveted state of doing more with fewer resources.   


Relying on experts for storage 
Like most businesses, if your skilled resources are burdened by storage-related tasks, and you wish to refocus them to make the best use of their capabilities in niche business-critical areas, STaaS is the answer. By optimizing storage, a crucial component of IT operations, you’re implementing an efficient strategy.  

See what our experts have to say about that – access our free webinar: Storage as a Service and the Edge Dimension  

Choosing the right STaaS partner
Look for vendors with proven storage expertise rather than falling for shiny marketing copy on brochures.   

Calsoft has mature expertise of more than 20 years in the storage space. We have assisted numerous businesses in conquering storage with secure, resilient, and encrypted storage capabilities   

Since STaaS is not a one-size-fits-all solution, you should only rely on the experience and expertise of Calsoft’s highly skilled storage architects and certified storage and cloud consultants to cater to your unique needs. 

We will implement a storage solution that is perfectly tailored to your business case. Explore our storage solutions, view some of our best work, and contact us for a quick expert consultation.   


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