Why It’s the AI Way or the Highway for Enterprises

It is a regular day at the Google offices – engineers and innovators are bustling through busy hallways working on self-driving taxis or building systems that decimate professional players in the game of Go. Since 2017 Google has matched 100% of the electricity consumption of its global operations with renewable energy.

What formidable technology does Google possess that appears to power the “stuff of sci-fi” while also allowing the tech giant to be green and sustainable? The answer is Artificial Intelligence or AI, more specifically, changes to operations based on AI deployed across a plethora of use cases.

AI is disruptive, possibly the greatest invention of humankind, and helping the world change at breakneck speeds. While the aforementioned example comes from a company accustomed to achieving extraordinary feats, businesses are increasingly leveraging AI capabilities to streamline and elevate IT operations.

How AI Enhances IT Operations 

AI-driven IT operations, or AIOps, is a concept in its infancy, but one that signals great potential.

AI applied to IT operations improves performance in terms of cost-effectiveness, drives innovation based on accurate insights, preserves security, and introduces more stability. Here are the top reasons why enterprises should adopt AIOps:

Enables data-backed decision-making: IT operations are critical and dynamic. They involve putting out fires and responding to events rather than accurately planning for them. AI enables accurate and automated data-backed decision-making. Teams can recognize and even reduce the probability of unplanned events and otherwise unforeseen obstacles to operations. This significantly shortens deployment & problem-solving cycles and enables you to make better plans and strategies to gain business value. AIOps brings more visibility to implicit and explicit knowledge by standardizing it. With automated workflows, accessing and effectively disseminating data & tribal knowledge becomes significantly easier.

Allows faster anomaly detection & resolution: AIOps grants you more controlled visibility and observability into IT operations and infrastructure with pattern & anomaly detection, predictive analysis, and intelligent learning. When your teams can obtain a bird’s eye view of IT operations, they can spot bottlenecks early on, accurately estimate workload capacity, and achieve optimal resource utilization. Additionally, AIOps helps teams re-route old inefficient ways of working and alleviate minor but recurring issues that unnecessarily burden helpdesk and IT operations teams.

Minimizes operating costs: AIOps helps forecast resource utilization and curbs extra spending. The expenditure incurred while correcting operational inefficiencies, fraud, and human errors can be eliminated with AIOps. The cost saved can, in turn, give businesses leeway in the budget to hire specialized resources who can further add business value and maximize returns on the AIOps investment.

Enhances cross-functional collaboration: With the rising popularity of DevOps, cross-functional teams are more of a necessity than an asset. AIOps proves to be a boon for such teams since it facilitates cross-functional collaboration with customized and easy-to-understand reports & dashboards and allows a rapid, seamless flow of information. This improves output, optimizes overall operating efficiency, and adds to business value. Your teams can focus on innovation instead of getting burdened with mundane, repetitive tasks or having to break silos to access data and supplementary information.

Shrinks response times and improves customer experience: Research says that more than 80% of consumers expect near-immediate fulfillment of their service needs or support requests. But it is cost-prohibitive for businesses to have teams manning all official and unofficial communication channels round-the-clock. AIOps allows you to fulfill your promise of excellent customer experience by identifying patterns in service requests and intelligently automating them, thus providing your teams more time to finetune and customize experiences based on your customer groups’ unique needs and passions.

Embracing AI 

Usher your IT operations team into a new era of productivity and efficiency by embracing AI’s disruptive force. AIOps is not the future anymore, but the present. High-performance organizations are already adopting AI-based technologies and realizing its long-term advantages.

Calsoft, a reputed name in the product engineering & software services space, has been at the forefront of the AI/ML race. It has helped its customers experience the power of AIOps by building, deploying, and managing enterprise-class infrastructure to facilitate smooth AI integration.


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