Calsoft’s user-friendly test automation framework, TestXcel, overcomes the obstacles commonly experienced with conventional testing tools. The framework transforms manual test engineers with little or no scripting experience into automation specialists who deliver testing results at the speed demanded by Agile and DevOps.

TestXcel executes commands directly on vendor appliances with a restricted (proprietary) shell in both interactive and non-interactive modes. The framework is compatible with all operating system platforms, supports interoperability testing, and distributes load symmetrically on multiple remote hosts simultaneously. TestXcel is highly extensible and can meet your specific testing needs through Python APIs, GUIs, and REST APIs.

TestXcel fast-tracks your product release cycles by empowering testers to rapidly create accurate and repeatable automated tests. Key features of the framework include

  • Test workflows as CSV or YAML – for script-less test automation
  • Multi-process parallel execution of test cases
  • Consolidated HTML reports and interactive execution logs
  • XML reports for customization as per your specific requirements
  • Agent-based remote execution seamlessly across any OS platforms
  • Agentless SSH remote execution for vendor-specific restricted shells
  • Execution of REST APIs with rich headers and content-type support
  • Execution of your product’s CLI with OS-aware argument passing
  • Integration with existing standalone automation scripts in Python
  • Integration with Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins
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