Calsoft’s storage emulator provides simulation for a wide variety of storage configurations without the need to invest in expensive physical storage. The emulator aids scalability testing for huge storage configurations through LUN virtualization. Calsoft’s storage emulator can help you test storage FC switches, platform software, resource management software and applications for data protection, replication, virtual tape library, and data migration.

The emulator provides invaluable benefits in terms of lower total cost of ownership, significantly reduced footprint, lesser power consumption, ease of management, and faster testing cycles. The storage emulator makes setting up of QA processes extremely flexible and helps swiftly set up storage configurations with LUNs of various sizes.

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Calsoft’s Storage Emulator

The emulator supports up to 8 FC ports so that a group of LUNs can be bound to any port at a time; with each path set to either active or passive to facilitate fail over testing. The emulator supports persistent SCSI reservation and enables configuration of LUNs for vendor specific mode pages.

The emulator is highly scalable with an ability to create more than 4000 LUNs. Users can create LUNs of various sizes with a maximum size of 16 TB per LUN for a total of 64 petabytes of virtualized storage space.

The emulator enables centralized management of a large number of virtual LUNs making tasks simpler, easier, less time-consuming, and less repetitive. It supports web GUI, CLI and SSH connectivity for automation via scripting.

Multiple test configurations inclusive of LUNs, error scenarios, port groups, etc. can be created and saved. While multiple test configurations can be saved to introduce diversity in testing, one test configuration can be activated at any given point.

The emulator offers a wide list of error conditions which can be simulated to study test responses. It provides the capability to inject errors on all LUNs for a specific SCSI command, or on a particular LUN for any command, or a combination of both.

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