NAS systems were originally designed for quickly deploying storage capacity with little thought being given to performance. Over the years, NAS has grown impressively at 60% per year in most environments. Owing to the exponential increase in storage demand, the requirement for performance and the capability to scale have become vital factors in the overall assessment, selection, and purchase of NAS systems.

However, purse strings in the data center being as tight as ever, it is quite impractical for QA teams to test the scalability of their products by procuring a large number of physical machines and recreating real world scenarios. Calsoft’s nCIFS helps carry out scalability testing for NAS (CIFS / NFS) products by simulating thousands of lightweight clients using virtualization. Every client gets a simulated IP address resulting in near perfect simulation of real world NAS usage.

nCIFS facilitates easy deployment of various test scenarios while providing firm control over the testing process. It has numerous pre-configured sets of test scenarios for identifying scalability issues that are commonly encountered. nCIFS comes with a framework for writing custom test code that can be effortlessly deployed on simulated clients.

Key Features

nCIFS can simulate over 2000 separate NAS client environments. It uses a standard Linux based test environment wherein tests can be written with any of the standard libraries available on Linux. Distribution supported libraries can be added through the distribution package manager. nCIFS provides individual, unique IP addresses and simulates Ethernet devices for network communication.

nCIFS can simulate thousands of concurrent clients. It supports IPv4, NFS v3 & v4, CIFS v2, and can specify test executables for each client. nCIFS provides the ability to add / remove Ethernet devices and save / restore entire sessions.

nCIFS delivers consolidated reports, and provides easy to use network and client configurations. It offers the facility to view individual client state and error logs.

nCIFS supports thousands of simultaneous open-read-write-close cycles. It can simulate 70% read and 30% write load on the same NFS / CIFS share from over a thousand clients. nCIFS comes with readymade scripts that can populate shares with test data. nCIFS permits easy integration of existing test cases and standard functional test suites.

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