MySQL – Database On Demand

Calsoft works on automating the installation and configuration of MySQL, an open-source relational database management system, to serve as a Database as a Service (DBaaS) to refurbish a database from a backup copy of the production environment.

Here, the MySQL plug-in enables app developers, architects, testers, and other DB consumers to store and retrieve data, without having to deal with lower-level database administration functionality. As a result, customers can access duplicate copies of this database for development or testing without additional storage or hardware procurement costs.

Usually, customers who practice rapid application development (DevOps) need latest data changes automatically refreshed from production at regular intervals. They have concerns over the time that is spent on such process as the bandwidth of DBA is utilised in manual processing. This solution will reduce this time by automating administration tasks and facilitating a common policy framework across databases.




  1. Self-service, scalable manner offering advantages in terms of business agility.
    Due to the growing need for data analytics, transactional data processing, and increased security, the organizations need to look for effective ways to manage, secure and support the use of database applications. Traditional database methods are not able to keep pace with demands, also in some cases it can take weeks to provision a new DBMS instance, which delays development projects. For organizations looking to simplify the complexity of database management, MySQL – Database on demand is the answer.
  2. Minimize storage cost, assuring the quality of data.The frequently required data for the analytical process creates multiple copies on different machines that ultimately increase the cost of keeping them on the system. MySQL – Database on demand will create automated multiple copies as VM and will keep it in one place.
  3. Reduces time spent on such process and bandwidth of DBA.Time is the major concern for such a process, as the resources involved also need to be monitored every time. The MySQL – Database on-demand solution assures that it will initiate on request and will automatically carry out the process, as no manual intervention is required, hence saving resource bandwidth.