Storage arrays typically operate in environments that are made up of diverse applications and operating systems. In the age of digitalization, applications for social media, mobile, analytics, big data, and cloud computing are creating new I/O patterns wherein peak and steady state I/O needs can differ by tenfold and, on the whole, IOPS requirements at the datacenter level are counted in several hundreds of thousands.  Moreover, these applications are hosted within a shared virtual infrastructure which results in the production of highly random I/O at the virtual host tier.

For storage vendors, it is a daunting challenge to deploy a large number of costly physical resources to validate product performance against diverse data center elements and I/O patterns.

Calsoft’s host emulator offers a virtual, cost-efficient way to simulate multiple hosts, ports, and application I/O patterns from a wide range of vendors. Calsoft’s host emulator empowers storage vendors to quickly and efficiently test products against numerous combinations of data center elements, helping them ensure interoperability, functionality, and scalability in their products.

Key Features

Generate up to 32 virtual ports for each physical port wherein each port acts as a host generating SCSI traffic for a total of 32 virtual ports and therefore virtual hosts.

Record SCSI I/O patterns while running applications such as Microsoft Exchange. Generate heavy I/O operations using IOZone and record all SCSI traffic onto a single file. Replay a single recorded application stream on multiple SCSI initiators.

Compare responses while recording and replaying. Inject errors for studying test component response. Swiftly detect and fix defects that are identified.

Generate SCSI traffic for creating diverse loads on test components thus reducing the overhead of maintaining multiple applications.

Centrally manage a large number of virtual hosts. Create multiple test configurations which can be saved and restored in the future.

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