Windows Change Block Tracking (CBT) Framework

Windows Volume CBT Solution

Calsoft’s comprehensive understanding of Changed Block Tracking (CBT) has enabled it to create its own off-the-shelf IP – CSCBT – a Changed Block Tracking solution for volumes on the Windows operating system. CSCBT is a pre-tested, reusable, and ready-to-integrate solution which keeps track of volume blocks that have changed since the last backup.

CSCBT keeps track of one active bitmap per active volume, and speedily records sectors that have changed with minimal impact on I/O throughput and latency. It is fully compatible with any other volume filter drivers that may be present on the system. CSCBT tracks changes to all volumes on the system including volumes that are dynamically created, destroyed, or unplugged. CSCBT supports desktop and server operating systems with x86 and x64 CPU architecture.

Key benefits of using CSCBT for your CBT needs include:

  • Works with USB, iSCSI, and SAN storage
  • Handles volumes that are dynamically expanded or shrunk
  • Extremely robust error handling, where all API calls made by the driver are checked for failure, and any failures are logged in a way that can be detected
  • Thread-safe and can safely handle any level of I/O concurrency
  • Does not require a system reboot to enable tracking of volumes that appear after installation
  • Comes with C++ library interfaces to register volumes, de-register volumes, start tracking, stop tracking, delete bitmap, get bitmap, and get tracking volume list
  • System reboot or driver start requires registration of volumes to start tracking changes, thus providing a fresh start for tracking

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