Matt Cotton

We have been utilizing Calsoft’s QA services for the last year and could not be happier with the results. Their extensive testing methodologies have helped us squash existing bugs as well as validate many of our new features. Not only have they freed up our in-house resources, they have also provided development advice and product suggestions that have taken our code to the next level. I look forward to a continued relationship with Calsoft, for this project, and in the future.

Vishal Chandane

“AlltimeIT provides integrated public cloud solutions with effiCloud as brand name helping clients embrace new-age cloud technology to achieve their business objectives. effiCloud wanted to build pilot setup for delivering IaaS services with end to end automation capabilities using available open-source components. effiCloud  was looking out for a service partner with deep knowledge in the SNVC domain while being well versed with OpenStack. effiCloud was also looking to partner with service provider who had deep knowledge in virtualization & automation domains.

Among various services partners evaluated by us, we found Calsoft’s domain expertise and previous experience suitable to drive our project. Calsoft put together a cloud management layer using OpenStack Ubuntu distribution. They also helped us test the automation & orchestration for different hypervisors (ESX/vCenter & KVM).They also conceptualized and implemented special configurations like high availability failover. Overall Calsoft helped us put together the reference architecture for the IaaS cloud.”

– Vishal Chandane


“Calsoft provided me with an extremely beneficial learning curve in the early years of my career.
It is one of the very few companies which provides a very open working culture with a healthy work-life balance.
Hence when offered with a second working opportunity it seemed like the right choice. Happy working here since then!”


“I have started my QA career with Calsoft and with rich work experience for 6.5 years in storage domain i have stepped out to explore the new career opportunity. However, good work culture and opportunities to work in core storage area with enhanced career path made me decide to re-join the Calsoft family. :)”


“I re-joined Calsoft, which has Open culture, opportunity to prove and grow, good guidance from seniors, domain choice and time flexibility as plus points from my view,

This way, any person will find a nourishing environment to grow his/ her career.”


“I started my career as a fresher in Calsoft and grew within the organization. Working with Calsoft made me believe that anything is possible if you are just willing to embrace the possibilities lying ahead of you and choose Calsoft as your possible career path. What impresses me most about Calsoft is that the management team is always approachable and has a healthy connect with the employees. They always encourage the employees to explore their potential and assist you whenever you need their guidance. The work culture gives me immense possibilities to learn and explore myself. It is an exciting company to be a part of and one with a bright future.”

Aadarsh Ranjan

“When I started looking out for an opportunity in marketing domain, I thought why shouldn’t I try in Calsoft, not just because I worked here but because of the amazing work culture imbibed in the DNA of each and every employee of this company. I worked with many companies, right from start-ups to cash rich product / services enterprises, In all of them I found Calsoft to be the most honest and trust worthy to its employees. At some point in time all of us look for a company where you have a great work life balance and amazing work to do, I can bet Calsoft is certainly one of them.”

Nitin Singhvi

“In most other companies, you end up working in one domain & most likely on single product. But Calsoft offered me tremendous opportunity to learn multiple technologies like Storage, Virtualization, Cloud & Networking. Also, at Calsoft, I get to play multiple roles like PM, Architect, Solution Architect, Pre-Sales, Mentor, etc. I can implement my own ideas as POCs which are really valued by the organization. Overall, I think it’s the infinite learning opportunities that got me back to Calsoft & today I’m more than happy with my decision.”

Timothy Chen

Calsoft has been a great partner for over 5 years.  Not only were they a partner with us when we were a startup; after our acquisition into Vmware they remained a valuable resource and partnered with us for many engineering needs.  They have always been a great partner and I look forward to our next engagement.

Daniel Crain

Having worked with numerous other software engineering partners through the years in India, our experience with Calsoft was by far the most productive, personal and successful of all. The management team’s kindness and rational approach to problem solving, made our partnership the most successful of my career. We all look forward to many more outstanding engagements with the Calsoft team.