Product Sustenance and Support Engineering Services

In this dynamically changing business environment, incremental changes in the product’s functionality, and increased customer expectations are driving ISVs to launch new products and services quicker and better than their competition. This in turn often imposes a burden on product manufacturers, to sustain their hi-tech products, at the cost of new product development.


Calsoft’s Product Sustenance and Support Engineering team completely understand this challenge and have been managing and supporting product lines for some of the leading companies across the globe. We provide L1, L2 and L3 product support, sustenance engineering, and migration services and allow our customer’s engineering team to concentrate on new product development and innovation.


It’s a fact worth to be known that out of overall costing of software, only 30% goes to the development and rest 70% to the product sustenance. After partnering with Calsoft, ISVs have reduced their product sustenance expenditure by 20-30%.


Our Sustenance and Support Services includes:

product sustenance


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