Porting and Migration Services

Almost all software products are developed considering a common technology platform, where it is anticipated to be most effective. However in today’s highly competitive market where product are built across different platforms with multiple language support, this one platform one technology stack approach leads to following challenges:

  • Lack of skilled resources for earlier versions of technologies
  • Complex architectures that are difficult to deploy or cause maintenance problems
  • On-going support of multiple platforms
  • Maintaining existing business logic in migration process
  • Integration issues
Calsoft Porting & Migration Services

Calsoft truly understand its customer challenges and allow them to focus on their core engineering work and enhancing their products while assisting them with software migration and porting related work. We have helped ISVs with:

  • Porting software on different OS and Stacks
  • Porting different protocol stacks
  • Porting UI to support locales
  • Building the Unicode support in products
  • Correcting Byte-order dependencies
  • Converting ASCII/EBCDIC
  • Locating missing function interfaces
  • Linux distributionsand kernel versions for NAS box
  • SAM-QFSto MAC & Window OS
  • Optimizing driversto VMware and other platforms
  • Enhancing RAIDFirmware
  • NFS stack to embedded Linux
  • OpenSAF 2.0from Linux to Solaris
  • Drivers to ESX VMkernel
  • Starfabric serialswitched interconnect Linux Version Up gradation
  • The Fabric Primitives Library
  • Implementing and Automating OpenSSL


  • Exposure to new markets: By porting to a new platform, our customers achieve increased sales by offering their product to a new market segment.
  • Leverage existing code base: Our customer realize the value of leveraging existing code base. Porting to a new platform helps them offer a rapid and cost-effective solution and hence an optimal ROI.
  • Improved customer service: Porting to one or more new platforms helps our customer in responding quickly and effectively to the changing needs of their customers.

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