Calsoft Whitepaper - Storage Performance Testing Guidelines

Performance testing has always been an arduous task in the software development life cycle. Since software performance is very sensitive to many layers in the software stack and in addition there are other external factors including network and physical hardware, virtualization, etc., that might alter the performance of the given system. So, utmost care is required while formulating a storage performance strategy or designing a performance test plan. When it comes to performance testing of any enterprise class of storage appliance, it naturally becomes a humongous task and it is essential to consider each and every aspect of the performance arena to be covered as detailed as possible due to very complex nature of the storage stack along with host of many other external dependencies.

This paper will illustrate numerous aspects of storage performance and help understand the tricks of the trade for the performance gamut. This will also help understand the performance testing requirements of the storage appliance and translating them into comprehensive test strategy or test plan documents for its successful execution of various user stories to meet the end goals.

  • Importance of storage performance testing
  • Storage performance measurements
  • Storage Performance Considerations
  • Client side considerations
  • Network Considerations
  • Host (server) side considerations
  • Hypervisor (virtualization) considerations
  • Storage performance testing – best practices

Storage Performance Testing Guidelines

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