Calsoft Whitepaper - Software Defined Storage-Quality Assurance

With the advancement of Software Defined Storage (SDS) and the de-coupling from traditional storage, brings flexibility & additional features but it also introduces complex challenges for Quality Assurance (QA). The key objective of this paper is to illustrate how to carry out quality assurance for a software defined storage, which comprises not only feature testing, performance testing, system testing & regression testing; but in parallel also to help understand the various testing tools, needs & available options for automation.

Software defined storage can have multiple features collaborated with each other for performing various needs. Understanding the workflow, desired results, behavior can help QA to plan for the efficient approach & strategy to have maximum bugs in order to deliver a high quality product.

  • Introduction to SDS
  • Current Challenges
  • Why SDS
  • Features of SDS
  • QA strategy for SDS
  • Testing Phases
  • Scripting language used
  • Storage performance testing – best practices

Software Defined Storage-Quality Assurance

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