Calsoft Whitepaper - Performance Tuning for Software RAID6 driver in Linux

RAID technology is used to increase the performance and/or reliability of data storage. It also provides ability to combine several physical disks into one larger virtual device. Linux software RAID can work on most block devices. It doesn't matter whether you use SATA, USB, IDE or SCSI devices, or a mixture. These features of RAID have persuaded many organizations to use it on top of raw devices. For any organization achieving optimum performance, the given hardware configuration is super critical. Attaining this optimization at raw disk and RAID driver level is possible by understanding and adjusting some configurable parameters at software layer. Along with these tunables, accommodation of I/O tool parameters also plays a vital role in performance optimization.

In this paper, we will start with the system configuration used by us for RAID performance tuning experiment followed by performance tuning process starting with raw devices then RAID0 driver and then RAID6 driver. On every result there are some observations which would help readers to understand the significance of parameters used in the test and it would also make effect of tunables evident.

  • Introduction
  • System Architecture
  • IO Tools Used
  • Our Approach
  • Raw Disks Performance Tuning
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.32
  • Linux Kernel 3.16.4

Performance Tuning for Software RAID6 driver in Linux

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